I tried CBD oil for 30 days to relieve my anxiety. This is what happened.

Exercise, meditation, yoga, relaxation, medication... nothing worked to ease my underlying sense of anxiety until I was introduced to Soulev CBD Products.

I had just graduated from college, worked for a company I loved, was surrounded by my family and in a supportive relationship. After 9 years of working towards inner peace, my panic attacks were mostly under control. So, I did what anyone in a similar situation would do, I uprooted myself. I moved out of my parents' house and into my apartment in a foreign country where I didn't speak the language and began working at a new job to fluff up my resume a bit. Moving to a new country and living alone has its perks, but it also has its cons. The latter including intrusive thoughts and situational anxiety. I woke up every day with an underlying sense of dread, wondering if that was going to be the day I broke down. I didn't know how to pursue the big plans I had initially made when venturing off into the great unknown. This dread would turn into sweaty palms followed, achy chest with a feeling that something was going to finally catch up to me—I would shove this feeling down and move on. But this feeling kept creeping up on me unexpectedly throughout the day at inconvenient times, like when I would have to get on public transit or give a presentation to my colleagues.

Why Soulev CBD Products helped with anxiety and proved to be the missing link in my self-care regimen?

Internally screaming at myself was not proving very effective. While my mixture of therapy, medication, exercise, and emotional support helped manage the sudden onset of panic attacks, nothing took care of the day-to-day uneasy feeling of constant dread. Until this point, I had felt it was normal and manageable; the anxiety and onset of panic attacks were now pretty much a daily occurrence, like a little dark angel sitting on my shoulder waiting for the least opportune time to strike. I was more receptive to trying something I had heard many success stories about but something I didn't personally have any knowledge of.

I decided to try Soulev CBD products to manage anxiety at the recommendation of a family member.

I started using a dropper of CBD oil 1000 mg under my tongue before bed because my anxiety was making it hard to sleep. The following day, I didn't even remember falling asleep. I just noticed I woke up without tachycardia, the feeling like there was a cinderblock on my chest holding me down. It seemed too easy for this to be the solution to my problems, so my skepticism remained. I went to work with a clear head and more relaxed than I had been for the entire year I lived there. I chalked it up to a good night's sleep.

29 days in, and Soulev's CBD oil was already my go-to night-time supplement.

After 29 days of using my dropper of 1000 mg CBD oil before bed, I was sold on a good night's sleep. I woke up more confident, less stressed, and unbothered about the little things. I noticed I could not remain present during the day and utterly aware of what was happening around me. I saw old triggers that would have sent me spiraling no longer had that effect. What was the best part? I was fully present and able to walk down the street, enjoying the tile on the buildings and the architectural arches featured throughout the town.

Day 30 with CBD oil to relieve my anxiety: was the day I became an advocate.

On day 30, I was sitting at my desk, and I had a major panic attack. In my fear and anxiety, I grabbed my dropper and used a full dropper of 1000 mg CBD tincture below my tongue as though I was going to bed. I allowed myself to sit and continue working, and within 30 minutes, I noticed the dread started to dissipate. Within an hour, I was once again fully present and removed myself from the spiral I was heading down. Within two weeks, I realized that the oil had curbed a panic attack without medication that would usually put me out or incapacitate me for the rest of the day. On day 30, I took back control of a previously uncontrollable factor in my life.

By Andres Romero

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I suffered from a lot of anxiety in the mornings, I had tried many things, natural things like medicinal teas, even meditation, I never wanted to try pills, because I know that they always have a side effect.
One day a dear family member sent me Soulev CBD oil as a gift, they told me how I could take it in the mornings to help me with my anxiety, the truth is that it was so extreme in a positive way that it made it impossible for me to work and develop my daily activities in a proper way. I could not believe it, I began to feel amazing. Anxiety free.

I started to take it every morning as soon as I woke up, it changed my life, being something natural and of such a good quality made the difference, I started to feel much better every day, now I have been taking it for more than 3 weeks and the truth is that my anxiety in the mornings has disappeared.
I recommend it 100% excellent product thank you very much Soulev family for helping me to improve my life.

jaime Eduardo Polit May 12, 2021

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