I Have Tried CBD to Relieve my Pain - Here is my Story with Soulev Products

I Have Tried CBD to Relieve my Pain - Here is my Story with Soulev Products

About six years ago I was in a serious accident, as a result my shoulder and my leg were severely injured. To repair the damage, I had to go through two complex surgeries. Following these surgeries, I continued to have shoulder and leg pain and experienced further complications.

I underwent a long and painful path to rehabilitation. As a part of this course of treatment, my doctors recommended prescription pain medication to combat the amount of shoulder and leg ache that I was experiencing daily. I was extremely hesitant to even accept painkillers to relieve pain because I was too nervous about developing a dependency on prescription medication.

The introduction to CBD oil and CBD balm to help relieve my pain

After several years, my pain continued to get worse to the point that it was painful to move my shoulder and at times I would not be able to use that arm at all. Along the way, someone suggested that I try to use Soulev's CBD balm to relief pain and CBD tincture to help with the strain because it had helped them with different ailments. So, I began to use the 2000 mg CBD oil and the CBD muscule balm 500mg. I found that when I used these products my pain lessened and I was finally able to fall asleep despite my shoulder and leg discomfort. I also saw that with regular use I could participate in a multitude of physical activities that I previously was barred from doing because of the pain.

My final opinion of Soulev CBD products on pain

Now that a long time has passed since the accident and the respective surgeries, I still use the ointments as needed for the pain and within minutes I feel an improvement. Soulev CBD products have allowed me to go back to my normal life, something I never thought would be possible..

By Fernando Sandoval

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