Nothing Helped Me Sleep -- Until I tried Soulev’s CBD plant based -- products

For the better part of a decade, I have not been able to have a restful sleep.

For five years I took melatonin gummies every night before bed. While this helped very little with my insomnia, I was still waking up multiple times throughout the night. By the time I moved abroad, my sleeping problems continuously got worse. With the stress of moving to another country, learning a new language and restarting my career, I found myself constantly irritable and fatigued from lack of sleep.

I had tried melatonin, meditation, yoga, and pretty much any product a friend or family member would recommend to me. I had just about reached my breaking point, and was ready to go and have a doctor evaluate me for a prescription to help me sleep, when someone I knew suggested Soulev CBD products. I knew CBD came from hemp, so I was skeptical and initially brushed off the suggestion. That was until this person explained that these products are based on non-psychoactive cannabinoids and would help me get better sleep. My sleeping problems weren’t getting any better so when a family member gave me Soulev’s CBD Tincture I didn’t hesitate despite my skepticism.

The way I started to use CBD oil to improve my sleep

I started with just a few drops of CBD oil because I had no idea what type of effect it would have on me. The next day I woke up more refreshed and relaxed than I had in a very long time. I gradually increased the amount that I consumed to determine what worked best for me. After speaking with my nutritionist, she confirmed that taking it regularly was a great supplement to combat daily stressors and could help me manage my sleep issues.

After taking the 1000mg CBD oil for several months, I began keeping a dropper bottle at work so that when I became stressed, I would have my stress-free oil available to me. Now I take it every night before bed and as needed to combat stress. 

These CBD oil tinctures have changed my life: To get a night of better sleep and stress-free.

The outstanding quality of Soulev made my transition into using CBD products seamless and easy; they were knowledgeable about their products and answered all the questions I had as a new user. I felt that they wanted to educate me rather than just make a sale which was really what I needed to decide on whether this was the best for me or not.

By Irma Espinosa

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