Slow Down and Stop the Grind

Slow Down and Stop the Grind

It is good to want to be successful and work hard to achieve your objectives. Working hard is essential, but overworking oneself to the point where you don't have a moment to yourself is not.

As you seek to attain your goals in the shortest amount of time feasible, you may end up jeopardizing your health and wellness, limiting the time you have to enjoy the results of your effort and success. Maintain a work-life balance and never lose sight of why you pursue your happiness and quality of life ambitions.

Health Effects of Hustle Syndrome

Because there is little time to relax between jobs, you are constantly stressed. Since you are bouncing from task to task, growing increasingly anxious as time passes, the number of activities on your to-do list increases.

This persistent state of tension is not only harmful to your mental health, but it is also unhealthy for you physically. For example, Hustle syndrome instills stress chemicals in your body (cortisol).

Long durations of elevated cortisol levels can result in high blood glucose, high blood pressure, bone and muscle disintegration, decreased immune system function, longer healing times after injuries, and poor long-term memory.

Hustle syndrome will wear you out, both psychologically and physically. Working hard is not the same as overworking, and you must understand the distinction.

Pro tip: Research indicates that greater stress levels correlate to decreased professional productivity.

Signs of Hustle Syndrome

1. You overwork yourself: Previously, having more than one job was considered a sign of financial instability. At the absolute least, this always-on mindset is exhausting and might lead to significant burnout since you're constantly pushing yourself far too hard.

2. You are looking forward to your big break: You persuade yourself that this will not always be the case. You will ultimately advance up the corporate ladder or achieve new heights in your firm. All you have to do now is hold on till then.

You persuade yourself that everything will be OK once you reach that professional milestone, and your life will be enhanced and healthful as a result. 

3. You Feel It's never enough: When you're immersed in hustle syndrome, it doesn't matter how many hours you put in or how much you achieve; you don't feel like it's ever enough. There will always be another work to finish, a deadline to fulfill, or someone to please.

4. You feel like resting is a crime: You dislike the fact that your body and mind require rest. You are resentful of yourself because you are not a mindless machine. Seeing how hard other people work leaves you feeling like you should do the same.

Perhaps you've been working on a large project for months, but instead of experiencing a sense of achievement when it's finally completed, you feel compelled to move on to the next assignment.

5. Lack of sleep: It's worth noting that people who are habitually experiencing hustle syndrome might experience changes in their sleep patterns. Cutting back on high-intensity hard work for a week or two can assist in restoring peaceful sleep and recovery.

How to Stop/Prevent Hustle Syndrome

Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Begin with awareness of whether or not you are trapped in the cycle of hustle syndrome. You can then lay the groundwork for change and advancement.
  • Recognize what is essential to you. Create a mental picture of how you will attain your priorities while still taking care of yourself. Make a list of things you need to get done for your business and well-being.
  • Allow your mind to take thoughtful micro-breaks during work. This can help you feel more balanced and hence prevent yourself from burnout.
  • Reward yourself now rather than later.
  • Work hard, and then relax hard.

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