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CBD Oil 1000mg Bottle with petalsCBD Oil 1000mg

CBD Oil 1000mg

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Soulev Wellness bottle CBD Oil 2000mg with flowersSoulev Bottle CBD Oil 2000mg

CBD Oil 2000mg

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CBD Oil 500mg bottle on sunflowerSoulev Wellness 50ml bottle

CBD Oil 500mg

CBD bottle 3 flavors

What are the CBD Oil benefits?
● Better manage anxiety and depression.
● Decrease your level of stress.
● Provide you with better sleep.
● It may help relieve or reduce pain ranging from minor to severe, such as sore muscles, swelling, arthritis pain, gastritis / digestive issues.
● It helps to maintain proper gut health.

At Soulev Wellness, we offer CBD Oil & Tinctures with different concentrations: 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg .

How can I choose which CBD oil to buy?

CBD oil 500mg is a light strength recommended for someone who is starting with cannabinoid products.
CBD oil 1000mg is the medium strength of our CBD tinctures, recommended for those with previous experience with CBD or who need a more potent concentration for their circumstances.
CBD oil 2000mg is the highest strength of our CBD tinctures, recommended for people with higher levels of pain, anxiety, or similar.

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