What is CBD?

CBD 101

Our Story

After trying many traditional treatments with little to no relief, we began looking toward more holistic approaches. After many close friends recommended CBD, we decided to try it despite our many hesitancies and skepticism due to an initial lack of understanding and a lack of initial education on the product.

We first used CBD to help alleviate insomnia many of our family members were experiencing; after seeing immediate relief from that, our family began to educate ourselves on the product better. After experiencing the relief for insomnia, we began researching and using CBD for various other ailments, including anxiety and post-surgical pain relief. But we also noticed that certain products did not work in the same way that others did.

Why We Started Soulev

Soulev is a family-owned brand dedicated to educating and improving people's health and wellness through meaningful content and high-quality CBD products.

After personally experiencing relief with CBD, we sought an opportunity to help people enjoy the same sense of relief, being psychological or physical. We realized that those who needed it the most could not afford high-quality CBD products as they were much more expensive than over-the-counter medication. Our products intend to bridge the gap between quality and accessibility for everyone.

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Hustle Stress-Free

By partnering with the brightest minds in the industry and manufacturing our products in state of the art facilities, we make sure that every ingredient in our formulations delivers quality relief conveniently and with no chemicals, so you can focus on what matters most, YOU.

Planta Powered

By using a clean CO2 extraction process we make sure our products stay as true to the hemp plant’s diverse array of cannabinoids as possible.

Brighten up your day

We're committed to honesty, transparency, and elevating your quality of life. That's why we're raising the standards to help you perform consistently at the highest levels with each and every drop.
Better CBD for a better you.



Pure, transparent relief

When you start by taking care of yourself, you naturally take care of those around you.


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